Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Public Folder Sync v1.1.8.4

Exchange Public Folder Contact Sync
A one-way (Public Folder to Phone) Contact Sync Adapter for exchange.
Exchange 2003,2007,2010
How to use:
Open settings (Home Screen / Menu Button / Click Settings)
Open Accounts & sync
Click Add Account
-or use the app in launcher, after setup the icon will go and the contacts will appear in your standard contact apps.
Enter your username (not email address)
-optional (depending on server conf) enter your domain- (netbios name)
-You can enter a UPN address (username@domain) if you leave the domain name blank
Enter password
Enter Server address format
check the box if your using ssl
check the box to allow any ssl cert (if you can't login or if you have a self signed cert)

click Sign In
on the next screen
select the folder you want to sync
*single click will take you to a sub folder (if there is one)
*Long hold will select that folder to sync with
let me know (BY EMAIL PLEASE) if you get it to work or not, I'm setting a price so I can upgrade everyone that tries it now to the full verison without having to pay the full price.
You can sync multiple folders (just add another account)
Known Issues:
Contact Pictures For 2007 WebDav connections - Can't Do It
Work Around - If this is you and your exchange server has EWS enabled (its on by default) and you have SP1 installed use the Force EWS option to move to EWS this will allow you to sync your contact photos along with the other information.
Things to come:
Detailed website for install and use examples and instructions.

Download Instructions:
in here

in here


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