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Touch Calendar v1.1.21 Apk App Android

Download - Hello tGadget Friends, surely youw already know this one android application. Yeah, Touch Calendar v1.1.21 Apk App
Android is one of the best applications are preferred android mobile users and you must have it.


Android OS 1.5+


Touch Calendar makes viewing your calendar as easy as using Google Maps!
This is the full version including widgets to show your calendar directly on your phone's home screen. Also features calendar search and custom repeating events (e.g. biweekly, bimonthly).

Touch Calendar is easy to use:

- double-tap or pinch-zoom to zoom in
- tap an event to see its details, then press MENU to edit or delete it
- tap-and-hold on a date to add a new event
- touch to scroll the calendar as much as you want, both forwards and backwards
- jump to today, or to any date from the menu
- calendar search by pressing your phone’s search button or from the menu
- set the font size and default zoom level from the Settings
- widgets so you can see your calendar on the home screen; tap-and-hold on your home screen to add one Zoom and scroll your calendar with complete freedom!


Text colour for events comes from the calendar colour. Set up different colours for events in Google Calendar and they'll appear in Touch Calendar automatically.

What's in this version:

Fix for 'Widget settings' screen appearing at the wrong time Intent support so Touch Calendar can be used to view/edit
events from other apps where supported
Increased options for past search period (up to 80 years) and number of results

Download Instructions:

in here


in here

in here2

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in here5

Diagnosis Pro - System Information v0.7.9

Android 2.2+

Know what Android does behind its back!

Ever wondered what your Android is currently doing?
* On Windows we can open the task manager and get all the information we want.
* On Android it will suspend the app we are currently using,but what if we wanted information about that app?
* What if wanted to know if an app is currently downloading or uploading something? How much cpu is this app using?
* Is this app running out of memory?
* Is the battery getting too hot ?
* What apps are running in the background, at this moment?
* Did another app just start and cause lag?
* Why doesnt this app tell me how much battery i have left?
* Loosing track of time while gaming?
~~~| Know what your Android is doing! |~~~
Diagnosis can display system information at all times, even while using other apps.
When Diagnosis is turned on, small customizeable text is shown on screen giving you information of your choice.
There are various informations to choose from:
- Cpu use, Memory, active app, cpu speed
- Date, Time
- battery, voltage, temperature
- Network traffic (Upload per second, Download per second)
- Name of applications using >40% or 70% cpu
- And more...
If desired you can have the recorded information saved in a database for later access and statistical data as network
traffic, avg cpu use etc.
~|It's free and has no adds, so just give it a try.|~There is a more extensive help file included in app (see settings>about).
I also respond fairly fast to emails, so just write me one if you have troubles or questions!
I have had some questions about the requested permissions,i have nothing to hide, so let me explain them:
* "Storage", so i can write the database to the sdcard instead of clogging up the internal memory
* "System tools", is needed to show the information ontop of the screen and keep the display on when loading data
* "Internet", is needed to send (anonymous) bug reports and display the network latency(Ping)
* "Network state", to be able to get cell signal strength information
* "Wifi state", to get wifi signal strength,name and ip information
* "Receive boot completed", is needed for the option to automaticly start Diagnosis on boot

Recent changes:

Fixed 0 output for some of the new infos
Some small code tweaks
More translation preparations

enable addtional features (Autostart, notification, additional
information, ...


TinyList 1.1.4

TinyList is a minimalistic app for creating simple check lists.
It can be used for making todo lists, shopping lists, guest lists, score keeping etc.
It is beautifully animated and very fun to use.

Gestures :

✓ Single tap to check/uncheck item
✓ Slide to the left to delete list/task
✓ Slide to the right to edit list/task
✓ Slide right/down to duplicate list/task
✓ Touch and hold to move list/task
✓ Pinch to go back
✓ Pinch outwards to create an item in the middle of two items
✓ Slide down from the top to create an item at the top
✓ Tap on numbers to modify it using the built in number incrementer


BugMe! Stickies Pro

eplace those fading yellow sticky notes with BugMe! - with ink notes and alarms

Its time to bring your yellow sticky postit notes up to date - BugMe! brings all the fun and flexibility of the handy little notes right to your smartphone or tablet. Pin them to a virtual cork board within the app and set alarms and alerts, or use the BugMe! Widget to “Stick” your note on your launcher screen for that extra visual reminder!

Main features:

MAKE QUICK NOTES - write in digital ink with your finger, or type with the inbuilt keyboard
ALARMS & REMINDERS - set alarms and due times on your notes
SAVE NOTES TO LAUNCHER - widget for handy sticky notes on your app launcher!
SEND YOUR NOTES TO FRIENDS - send notes to friends via Facebook, Twitter or email
CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK - choice of note colors and ink styles to help you get organized
USE YOUR PHOTOS - use your photos as note backgrounds or make notes and marks on your photos
MAKE LISTS - use your notes as lists
ORGANIZE - drag and drop your notes to rearrange them on the virtual cork board.
and more!

“There's something to be said for a simple, straightforward note-taking app that borrows from the familiar: sticky notes.” CNet Review

BugMe! has been a leading productivity app for smartphones and organizers since 1997 - we're proud that we've replaced so many yellow stickies!


Pure news widget (scrollable)

Great widget to view all your Google Reader news feeds

Pure news widget is a scrollable widget for Google Reader news reading (Rss).

This is a scrollable widget which REQUIRE ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, LiveHome, Go Launcher Ex or an Android 3.x/4.x device like Xoom or Galaxy Nexus. If you don't use a Launcher supporting scrollable widgets, it won't work.

- Use phone credentials to login to Google Reader. No password (for Android > 2.0).
- Connected to Google reader to retrieve your prefered news
- Scrollable widget with most alternative launchers like ADW, LiveHome, Go Launcher, LauncherPro or Android 3.x/4.x
- Click on a news title to open the full story in the browser or in internal viewer (works in offline mode too !)
- Show news thumbnails
- Multiples skins and widgets sizes to make a fancy widget
- Lot of options to customize rendering
- Can use Google Mobilizer to reduce used bandwidth when reading full article
- Support Google Reader mark as read
- Optional local cache of articles
- Can restrict sync to Wifi connection
- Support multi-widget with as many feeds as you want
- Complete support of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS / Android 4.x)

A problem ? Please, mail me for support.

+++ scrollable widget, news widget, RSS widget, widgets, xoom, honeycomb +++


Quick App Manager

5 in 1 quick application manager for your android device

Quick App Clean Cache becomes Quick App Manager, a complete and powerful application manager :

- Cache cleaner
- History cleaner
- Task killer
- App 2 SD manager (for Android 2.2 or higher)
- Mobile traffic

- Plus! A security tool helper that displays non system applications using potentially risky permissions.

★★ NOTE ★★
When after update to 3.5 "Clear all" function does not work anymore, go to Menu/Settings and check "Force cleaning"

★ Cache cleaner ★

- Clear all caches at once WITHOUT BEEING ROOT
- Clear cache for a specified application
- Auto clear all caches at a specified interval
- Notification for a specific total cache size
- List applications by either cache, data, source, total size, name, running, running app or system
- Show application details page
- Ignore list for the clear all process (root only)
- Favorites to keep in top of list
- Widget one tap clear all

★ Task killer ★

- System or application
- Kill all selected at once
- Soft kill or system force close
- Ignore list for the kill all process

★ History cleaner ★

Clear following histories:

- Call logs
- Read SMS/MMS
- Browser history
- Market search
- Gmail search
- Quick search bar history
- Maps search
- Navigation history
- Youtube search
- Clipboard data
- Frequent calls :
Only for suppliers using based Android "Contacts" application (HTC excluded for example)
- And all apps using android search history API

- Display histories entries when available

- Ignore list for the clear all process
- Favorites to keep in top of list

★ App to SD manager (Android 2.2 or higher) ★

App2SD facility tool:

- List movable apps
- Move one or all apps to SD card (manual assist)
- Move app back to the internal storage

★ Security help ★

Displays all non system applications using potentially risky permissions

★ Mobile traffic ★

Once activated, allows to monitor mobile traffic for each application, daily, weekly or monthly

★ Widget notes ★
Sometimes have to reboot phone before seeing widget in list at firt install or update.
Avoid to install the application on the SD card if you want to use it.

★ Force close after update ★
May rarely happen, just uninstall and reinstall

★ Remark / Issue ★
Please send mail, comments rarely watched

Android 1.5 to at least 2.3r1, optimized for 2.2 or higher

Support/updates only for Android 2.0 or higher


Guitar Tabs v1.4.8 w/ Tab Pro & Guitar Tools


Android OS 1.6 +


An easy and convenient application for viewing
guitar Tablatures on your phone.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs is an easy and convenient application for viewing guitar Tablatures, bass Tablatures, drum Tablatures and chords. This is the only mobile application giving you UNLIMITED access to the world's largest database of Tabs from! Use this intuitive viewer to browse the collection of over 400,000 Tabs and then
learn or practice your favorite songs wherever you are.

Now with SD Card support.

If your device has a limited internal memory, you can now use your SD Card for storing both the application and the Tabs you saved for offline access.

Tab Pro now available for in-app purchase. Tab Pro is an add-on to Ultimate Guitar Tabs giving you access to over 150,000 interactive Tabs. Playback songs, switch between instruments and learn Tabs using a virtual guitar
fretboard. Available in-app for $3.99.

Main features:
● Quick Search. Find Tabs quickly by entering artist name or song title.
● Favorites. Add Tabs to your Favorites to make them available for offline browsing. Synchronize Tabs between theapp and your online account!
● Advanced Search tool. You can search for Tabs by specifying Tab type, part of the song, difficulty level, tuning,and rating.
● UG Authorization. Sign in with your Ultimate Guitar account, or create a new one directly from the app.
● Playlists. Create custom lists of Tabs in your Favorites.
● Chords. View chord diagrams while reading Chords,. transpose chords easily.
● Tab Packs. Collections of pre-selected Tabs. Tab Packs are based on skills level, music genres, and special occasions.
● Top 100 Tabs list for each Tab type (Guitar, Bass, Chords,Drums or overall).
● Auto-scroll feature. View Tablature in the text viewer using the handy Auto-Scroll functionality - The App will scroll Tabs for you!
● Changeable fonts. Pick what font to use for displaying. Tabs' content.
● Random Tab. Load Tab for a random song.
● Now playing. Find Tabs for the currently playing song (needs to be technically supported by the device).
● Portrait and Landscape modes are available. You can scale Tabs too.

Tab Pro* includes:
· Supports the Tab Pro format, similar to Guitar Pro and Power Tab.
· Huge Database. A thorough database with over 150,000 Tabs.
· Playback. Instantly playback tabs with real-sounding instruments.
· Multitrack. Audio mixing is in your hands, change volume. on any instrument.
· Chords. Shown above the corresponding beats for optimum visual cues.
· Fretboard display. Get the perfect view of the notes' placement on each fret.
* You will get access to Tabs in the Tab Pro format from the app's regular search results after making the in-app purchase.
Guitar Tools combines a top-quality Guitar Tuner, Metronome and Chords Library together with your Ultimate

Guitar Tabs app, giving you the ultimate set of guitar tools:

· Guitar Tuner. Keep your instrument in tune using your device's built in microphone, or with our accurate Brain Tuner.
· Metronome. Keep in time with a metronome full of features like fine tempo tuning, ability to set tempo by tapping, adjustable tempo signature, beat subdivision, 5 sound packs, and much more.
· Chords Library. Display and playback chords from our beautiful and powerful chord library.


Ultimate Guitar Tabs is not compatible with

What's in this version:

Minor bugfixes based on your feedbacks. Enjoy!


Unlocked Extras.


Converter Pro v1.2.9.1

Android 1.6+

The easiest to use Unit Converter on the android market.

The easiest to use Unit Converter on the android market.
Converter is a simple unit converter. It's intuitive and easy to use. Features fast, real time unit conversion in a clean interface. Converter includes only the units you'll ever use, instead of cluttering the app with every single.unit that exists. This is the Ad Free version.

- Length converter
- Area converter
- Volume converter
- Temperature converter
- Base converter
- Weight/Mass converter
- Pressure converter
- Speed converter
- Power converter
- Energy converter
- Torque converter
- Angle converter
- Bits & Bytes converter
- Time converter
- Fuel Consumption converter
- Frequency-Wavelength-Energy converter
- Bandwidth converter
A complete list of units included can be found on the website link given below.
If you have any questions or issues, send an email at the address given below. To request additional units, please send an email instead of writing a comment.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

MX Video Player Pro v1.6c Rev.1

Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD

MX Video Player - The best way to enjoy your movies.

a) MULTI-CORE DECODING - MX Video Player is the first Android video player that performs multi-core decoding. According to the test results on dual-core devices, it shows up to 70% performance improvement than single-core devices.

b) CPU OPTIMIZATION - Provides highly optimized Codecs and Rendering Engines for the processors including ARM® NEON™ and NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2.

c) PINCH ZOOM - Easily zoom in and out by pinching and swiping across screen.

d) SUBTITLE SCROLL - Scroll on subtitle text and playback position will be adjusted to match previous or next subtitle timing.

e) BETTER SUBTITLE READABILITY - Increased subtitle readability with thicker border and shadow around text.

f) ANDROID 4.0 - Fully supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

- DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle Tracks. - Sub Station Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling. - SAMI(.smi/.sami) with ruby tag support. - SubRip(.srt) - MicroDVD(.sub/.txt) - SubViewer2.0(.sub) - MPL2(.mpl/.txt) - PowerDivX(.psb/.txt) - TMPlayer(.txt) ******

Sometimes license checking could fail on the first run. It typically happens when current time or time zone settings are incorrect, or Internet connection is unavailable. Please check the time setting and Internet connectivity. ******

If you can't buy from Android Market, please check our home page. We support more payment methods. ( https:// ) ******

About "modify battery statistics" permission: MX Video Player displays current battery state while playing video. To do this permission to read battery state is required. However Android does not distinguish between reading battery state permission and writing battery permission. This is why,despite battery state is only being read, permission to write battery state is required. ******

About "System Tools - display system-level alerts" permission: This permissions is required to block HOME key when input blocking is activated on video playback screen. ******

KRW 6,000 is about USD $5-$6. ******

What's in this version:

Increased maximum volume of S/W audio to 200% Improved text subtitle drawing speed. Improved integrity checking of internal modules. Added options for on-screen elapsed time, battery/clock display; Background color and Bottom placement. Added support for .mov text subtitle. Added shuffle/loop option. (Long click the next video button) Added border thickness option for text subtitles. (except SSA) Added fade-out option for subtitle text.
Note: No lucky Patcher needed This version won't check the license, and it works on flight mode or online mode. You must download and install extra codec package from below links.

Download Instructions: MX Video Player Pro v1.6c Rev.1 : In HERE

Mirror: IN HERE

ARMv7+NEON Codec 1.6c Rev.1 Codec for ARMv7+NEON type CPU. IN HERE

ARMv7 (Tegra2) Codec 1.6c Rev.1 Codec for ARMv7 type CPU, mostly useful for NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2. For devices including Motolora Atrix, Galaxy Tab 10.1, LG Optimus 2X, Motorola XOOM, ASUS Transformer TF101, Acer Iconia Tab A500, etc.IN HERE

ARMv6+VFP Codec 1.6c Codec for ARMv6+VFP type CPU. For devices including Samsung Galaxy A, HTC Legend, etc. IN HERE

ARMv6 Codec 1.6c Codec for ARMv6 type CPU. IN HERE

ARMv5 Codec 1.6c Codec for ARMv5 type CPU. IN HERE

Car Locator v4.1

Android OS 1.5+

Never again lose your car or anything else with
Car Locator!

As seen on the Verizon commercial, Techcrunch, Wired Magazine and more. 1st place winner in Verizon's Power
Your App Contest!
Save your location when you park and Car Locator will help you find your car
-Radar/Map/Split-Screen view
-Parking timer
-Beam your current or saved location to another phone/email
-Home screen widget for quick save
-Shake to save
-Double tap on map to save
-Save notes and photos
-Location history
-Location favorites
-Manual coordinate entry
-View current and car coordinates (great for geocaching)
-Driving directions
-Sonar sound
-Customizable background images
-Radar visualizations
-Live wallpaper always points to your car
-Customizable radar visualization
-Automatically save location on bluetooth disconnect or car undock

What's new in version
Automatically save by tapping a NFC tag
Fix bug where "beam location" and "bluetooth save" weren't working


Family Tracker v3.2.3 (update)

Android 2.2+

FamilyTracker allows you to track Android or
Apple iOS devices.
FamilyTracker allows you to track Android or Apple iOS devices.
Family Tracker is a GPS tracking application that allows you to track Android or Apple iOS devices and send free text messages between them.
✓ Android users can track iPhone users and vice versa
✓ No monthly or any other periodic fees
✓ You can force updates remotely at any time without the user having to take any actions and it does not matter if the application is running or not
✓ The ability to send a "Stealthy Ping", which will force an automatic location update of the remote device without the person being notified
✓ Even if the phone is rebooted, Family Tracker will automatically resume tracking and updating its position!
✓ Track phones via the web
✓ Free texts between phones
✓ Virtually no impact on battery life!
✓ Find your phone when lost or stolen
✓ Force a sound even if the phone is on vibrate or silent
✓ There are no limits to the number of users to track
✓ Post your current location on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,etc.
✓ Tablet compatible
✓ Great for businesses! Track your vehicles, shipments, etc.
✓ Uses uses both the GPS and the cell radio on the device! to find the location of the phone. That provides the best possible balance between accuracy and dependability.
FamilyTracker allows you to track your children, wife,husband and fiancée. You can now find out where they are,at anytime, as long as they have their Android or iOS devices
with them.
So how does this work?
Simple. Install Family Tracker on the device you want to track. From then on, you can use either a web browser or the Family Tracker app itself installed on your own device to
locate your family member.
Each device with FamilyTracker installed has the option to automatically update its location at regular intervals (from every 1 min. to every 1 hour). You can adjust this under the
"Settings" tab. The automatic feature can be turned on/off by the user.
Whether the user has their automatic tracking service disabled or not you can always force an update of their location at any time.
Any time you would like to see the current location of a device you can "ping" it, which will send a tracking notification to the user. The "Stealthy Ping" feature works
only if the targeted device has Family Tracker ver. 2.4.4 or above.
There are 2 ways to set up tracking a phone with our application:
1. Having the application installed on both phones- yours and the person you want to track. Once it is installed on both phones, you can send a request to track them from
your phone and they have to approve your request. Then you can track them from your phone.
2. Install the Family Tracker application only on the phone you want to track and then use our website to track it, force location updates and send free messages. To do this, your
email address needs to be added under the "Locate Me" tab of the Family Tracker application on the phone you want to track. Then you will automatically get an email with
instructions how to track the phone via the web.
Family Tracker does not need to know your phone's cell number to function, as it does not send SMS messages for notifications. It sends free Push Notifications to the device
being tracked. These notifications are free, specific to our Family Tracker application, and work anywhere in the world as long as the device being tracked has internet access via
the cellular network or WiFi.

Requires Android OS version 2.2 and up

What's in this version:
Fixes a bug where in some languages the date was not being displayed correctly.


Solo v1.46

Android OS 1.5+

Solo is Android's most popular virtual guitar. Use it to play to your favourite songs, or create some of your

It's ideal for jamming sessions when you don't have your guitar with you, or an excellent reference for when you do!

Features include:

* Classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, each with authentic sound
* A huge chord library with chord diagrams - hear and see how each chord is played.
* Create your own chords
* Play along to any music loaded on your phone
* Get chord and lyric overlays from the web - excellent for teaching yourself new songs to play
* Play with a capo to fit your vocal range
* Create, load and save chord layouts for your favourite
* Customize the UI to fit your playing style
* Use multitouch on supported devices

What's in this version:
Fixed broken update progress
Improved lyrics overlay


Direktor v1.0 Apk Android

android 2.1


Direktor is an app which let you download videos files and manage it offline.

List of features:

-Download unlimited files
-Manage your files
-Private web browsing
-Grant access with a password


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