Sunday, May 6, 2012

1 VPN for Android Apk

Features :
+ Multiple VPN accounts.
+ Save username /passwords
+ VPN status widget
+ 1 tap on widget for connect / disconnect
+ Automatic reconnection, when connection is lost
+ “Keep alive pings” to keep connection alive
+ Add a shortcut to start /restart a specific VPN
+ Connect automatically , using Tasker /Locale plug - in
+ Import / export your 1 VPN profiles. Handy for backup or large scale deployment of 1 VPN.
+ Supports: PPTP , L2 TP , L2 TP/ IPSec CRT
- L2 TP secrets or IPSec PSK ( Pre Shared Key ) are not supported. You can still use this app to save the password , but you have to connect via the Android VPN app.
If you’ re still not sure this app is for you, please check out the FAQ on our website (click the link below for visiting our
site ).
NOTE : If you have a re - branded Galaxy Phone/ Tab (e . g .from Sprint ) that has been updated to Android 2 . 3 . 3 or later,please do :
1 . 1 VPN tap: Menu > Preferences
2 . Scroll to the bottom .
3 . Check “Fix for Galaxy devices”
We hope you will enjoy our app, and please don ’ t hesitate to let us know what you think . If you have a specific problem or question , please email us . The market comments are not
very suitable for support issues as we can ’ t follow up .
As you can read in the FAQ, this app is based on Android ’ s built - in support for VPN. Unfortunately this also means that
it has the same limitations as Android . So we hope you won ’ t blame the app for the limitations it inherits fromAndroid , there ’ s not much we can do about it .
This app has been verified to work on all versions of Android up to , and including , 2 . 3 . 4 . There are custom ROMs that seems to have issues , however .
The ‘ m ’ in the version name stands for ‘ market’ version .
There ’ s also a non - market version ( without the m ) available from our site . The two versions ( i. e . 1 . 4 m and 1 . 4 ) are
identical, save for the way they are purchased and license protected.
If you need time to evaluate the app, and don ’ t want to spend any money before doing so , then download it fromour site. It gives you 48 hrs free trial , which should be plenty
of time. Note that you must enable non - market apps to install it .


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