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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Solo v1.46

Android OS 1.5+

Solo is Android's most popular virtual guitar. Use it to play to your favourite songs, or create some of your

It's ideal for jamming sessions when you don't have your guitar with you, or an excellent reference for when you do!

Features include:

* Classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, each with authentic sound
* A huge chord library with chord diagrams - hear and see how each chord is played.
* Create your own chords
* Play along to any music loaded on your phone
* Get chord and lyric overlays from the web - excellent for teaching yourself new songs to play
* Play with a capo to fit your vocal range
* Create, load and save chord layouts for your favourite
* Customize the UI to fit your playing style
* Use multitouch on supported devices

What's in this version:
Fixed broken update progress
Improved lyrics overlay


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